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ThingiMator - direct aluminium gantry

I'm back on track with my hbot printer. Development is in progress and I should be able to run some test with stepper motors very soon. Last time I tested it only with some 608z bearings and it didn't went great. Metal on metal wasn't great idea.. with this type of kinematics there is quite big skew force when only one stepper motor is on. There is two ways to fix this issue, either go for linear bearings and rods or go V wheels. Luckily I got mini lathe and that's why I have decided to try second option first as I really like the idea of direct extrusion gantry. Anyway here is a short movie showing one of the carriages with mounted V wheels. 

And some pictures 

Pic1. home made V wheels :)

Pic2. I really like those aluminium spacers

Pic8. Looks like they fit really nicely


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How To: Run Compaq ESP127 power supply model: PS-5501

I got ESP127 power supply from an old Compaq server some time ago, with intention to use it as my RepRap printer power supply. But I couldn't find any useful information on the internet on how to get it to power on. 
Today, I've decided to grab my multimeter and play with it to see if I will be able to get it to work. By default when you plug the power cord to it, the cooling fan will start spinning but the green LED at the back will stay off and there will be no voltage (or almost no voltage) on any of the power rails +3.3v, +5v, +12v. This power supply +12v rail can handle 25 amperes which makes it perfect for a reprap. 
After an hour or so... I saw a green light ;)

 I've soldered terminal socket to the 12v pads to make it more portable and easy to setup.

ThingiMator - Large H-Bot configured 3D Printer

I have been printing with my Prusa Air 2 since a few months already and I'm quite happy with it but... I want to be able to print larger objects!. I was reading about CoreXY kinematics and it's something I decided to try.. To build gantry system for it you can use either smooth rods or aluminium extrusion, I wasn't sure if system build of extrusion will be sturdy enough but I like challenges.. I'm currently designing y and x carriages and slowly printing parts for the frame, hope to get it ready in a next few days and start to work on the aluminium sliders..  here are some of the designs pictures

Ramps 1.4 LCD with Marlin firmware

Small upgrade for my Prusa Air 2 reprap :).. I got this pcb with rotary switch and LCD from ReprapDiscount, they sell really nice looking and quality Ramps kits for quite cheap. Apparently they sell quite a lot of these LCD boards. 

To get the LCD board to work you need to uncomment kollowing line in your Configuration.h file

// The RepRapDiscount Smart Controller